The c word… cesarean .


I wanted to discuss the recovery. Obviously, I am not a doctor so anything I write is purely my experience meant to help anyone who is about to have a c section or who just gave birth.

Since some of you asked for advice about a fast and easy recovery I have to be completely honest. There is no short cut to healing from a c section. The advice I will give you will hopefully help with a smoother recovery, but a c section is a major surgery as you know, so we are forced to be patient. Here are 5 things that I hope help you out beyond a generic google search.

  1. BROTH. Although the flowers I got from my visitors were beautiful, the most helpful gift I received (from my mother in law) was homemade chicken broth with steamed veggies and no salt.Bone broth is packed with amino acids like proline and glycine, which are needed for collagen production and great for skin healing.Traditional broth can really help recovery and it was so much tastier and healthier than orange jello that the hospital offered.
  2. NURSING PILLOW. This was so helpful. I used the brand My Breast Friend. It was a savior since I had no upper body strength and breastfeeding burns a bunch of calories so if you can (I know it might be painful) try to stick with it if your body allows.
  3. BINDING. I asked the nurse to wrap my belly tight with the girdle and I believe it really helped with holding everything in place. The hospital provided one but you can always bring one with you just in case.
  4. SILICONE GEL SHEETS FOR SCARS. I love the “epi-derm” brand although they are pricey. The more affordable brand is “scar away” … You won't need this right away but it's great to order them online so you have one less thing to worry about once your baby comes! I started using them after my first follow up doctors appointment when he took my tape off and I am still using them now although I alternate with 3M micropore tape.
  5. EXERCISE….but obviously once you get the green light from your doctor. I stuck to simple planks and then would add in the tilted planks (I feel like exercise should be a whole separate blog post!) I'd also like to add that I waited a long time until I finally worked out.
  6. MILKMAID TEA. Maybe it was the tea or just a coincidence, but my milk came in about 2 days after James was born…so it definitely is worth a try.
I'm sure I'm missing a million other things. So please ask me below any other questions you have.