Meeting james hunter

I have been debating whether or not to share my birth story on my blog or keep it private.  I'm grateful to all of you who have been loyally following my journey on Instagram for the past few years, so it feels right to share the most amazing day of my entire life. We welcomed our precious James Hunter on Tuesday April 14th at 12:37 pm. He weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces and was 22 inches long.

    While being a little past 7 months pregnant, my doctor informed me that James was breech. For those of you not familiar with the term,   Breech means that your baby is lying bottom first or feet first in the womb, instead of head first. He told me I would have to have a c section if James didn't turn. I was a little discouraged but still held out hope that I would be able to labor and deliver my baby boy vaginally. I immediately went home and did research in my attempt to turn James. First I tried visiting an acupuncturist who tried Moxibustion.  Basically it's a Chinese herb commonly known as Moxa sticks. They are lit and held over acupuncture points.  The radiant heat produced has the effect of stimulating the point, which is supposed to help turn your baby. It didn't work... I then tried different exercises and that too was unsuccessful, little James was comfy in the "footling breech" position. Now, returning to my last doctors visit before my due date, my doctor noticed what looked to be Jamesy's cord loosely around his neck.  He strongly suggested scheduling a c-section to make sure James would be safe. I hadn't envisioned having a c section.. Maybe it was all of the birthing classes we attended. I was truly anticipating a vaginal birth but the health of my baby obviously came first, rather than some vision of how I had imagined it should be. So Tuesday morning we arrived at the hospital and I was anxious to meet James. My husband was by my side the entire time and his support gave me the courage to stay calm and peaceful when I really was terrified inside!

At 12:25 the nurses prepped me on the table and I was given a spinal tap... for me (being a control freak) it was a crazy feeling not feeling your body from your chest down and being FULLY AWAKE but knowing Kris and I were going to meet our little baby we created together, that has been growing inside me, for the last nine months.. kept me calm. At 12:30 the nurses put on Beyonce, I gripped my hubby's hand while they began the surgery. At 12:37 I heard Jamesy's cry and immediately heard a nurse say "Oh my goodness he's huge!"

Hubby cut his umbilical cord and the nurse gave me a quick look at James before weighing him. While waiting to see James again my heart began to feel something I’ve never felt before. It was this instant love that was so powerful and overwhelming.

A few minutes later they put my little James on my chest and he instantly (like a wild beast LOL) latched on to my breast. The rest of the day was pure baby bliss snuggling together as a family. I've never cried from happiness so much as I did that day.

Writing this made me tear up and reminisce the best day of my life. I just wanted to thank all of my loyal followers, the ones who encouraged and supported me throughout my entire pregnancy. If there's any questions you have please comment below. And one last thing, my doctor, Dr. Matsuda in Pasadena was exceptional. He was truly beyond patient, helpful, caring and supportive (especially in the midst of the scrutiny about my belly size) My surgery went smoothly and the incision is nice and low too :) I highly recommend him for any of you mommies to be in the Los Angeles area! xo sarah