His nursery.

Well, it has been one crazy week. What has kept me sane (besides the support of my loved ones) is… decorating baby's nursery!! I wanted to create a peaceful calm place for baby and me to relax. I wanted to share details with you. I can give you info on EVERYTHING from chandelier plate to rug!



Okay I will start with the CRIB…. we got the crib from www.KidsOnlyFurniture.com .. I love the two tone and the linen panels on the side!!!

GIRAFFE: $75 Amazon.com

Chandelier: $150 Ebay user GriselleFiss

Chandelier Medallion: $30 Lowes.com

Elephant Stuffed Animals: $20-$50 Pottery Barn Kids

Sheep Skin Rug: $175 Amazon.com

Wall Art: $150 ($50 each) Vintage Bellini from ebay store: GriselleFiss

White Slipcover Rocker $85 from Craigslist

Elephant Crib Sheet: Pottery Barn Kids

Headlight Lamp: Pottery Barn Kids

Wooden Letter "J": $9 HomeGoods

Side Table: $69 HomeGoods