Attempting home made baby food with beaba cooker

At James last doctor's appointment a few weeks ago, he suggested that we start introducing solid foods to James. I immediately knew that I wanted to feed him fresh fruits and veggies but got intimidated about making him food myself.

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So after doing some research I ordered the Beaba Pro Babyfood Maker. It has a steamer on the top and a blender on the bottom. It's small so it doesn't take up a lot of counter space AND it's really easy to clean.

As far as what to feed James, our doctor suggested veggies first since fruit is sweet and James probably wouldn't like ANY veggies after tasting sweet yummy fruit! He also told us to introduce a new veggie every 3-5 days in case he has an allergy to something, we will be able to pinpoint which veggie/fruit it is!

Everyone is different but so far this order has worked for us.

Green Beans
Sweet Potato

Hope this helps any mommies wanting to commit to making food for their babies but who are also #MomsOnTheGo