step by step GUIDE

Follow the exact program that I use to stay in shape and feel great. I'll provide you step-by-step directions both written and visual, so you can learn proper form and maximize your results. Have questions? Easy, you also have access to ask Sarah all your questions!



We all need motivation.
Let's be each others
During the
challenge you can:

Direct message with
Sarah Stage on her
private or personal
page to ask questions
and give feedback
on your workouts
and nutrition. *A
mentor is a proven
way to stay on track

Receive daily
reminders on
Instagram and chat
with others going through the same 30-day challenge.
*Join the communitry and stick to the schedule

Instagram Live Q&A with Sarah Stage once a week

Hold yourself accountable and gain confidence in a healthier, better feeling YOU!


STEP-BY-STEPmeal guide


Take the guess work out of nutrition

You have enough on your plate. For 30 days, I'll tell you step by step how to eat. This includes grocery lists, meal ideas, and some of my favorite recipes.



For every person whocompletes the challenge...

A turkey will be donated to Westside Food Bank to feed the hungry this Thanksgiving season.

Make a difference this thanksgiving in yourown life and in someone else's.

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Sarah has modeled for well-known brands such as Guess Jeans, Kohls, Buffalo Jeans, Fredricks of Hollywood, Jockey Underwear, and Puma.

She captivated the world by sharing her "new mom-to-be" lifestyle on social media when she became pregnant in 2015 and started a blog called Stage Mama to share her journey of pregnancy and mother-hood.

When she's not working, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband and her son James. She also enjoys teaching pilates locally, oil painting, traveling, salsa dancing, decorating her home, and being an animal rights activist.